GoHighLevel has emerged as a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to streamline their operations and enhance client interactions. Among its array of features, the platform offers integrated phone services, including calls and SMS, which are pivotal for effective communication strategies. We are going to explore how much GoHighLevel Phone calls, SMS and other phone features really cost for users in the United States.

Understanding the phone and sms costs associated with GoHighLevel services is paramount for local businesses to make informed decisions. Let’s delve into the intricacies of GoHighLevel phone pricing to uncover the real expenses involved.

Understanding GoHighLevel Phone Services

Before dissecting the pricing structure, it’s essential to grasp the scope of GoHighLevel’s phone services. The platform offers a unified communication system that enables businesses to manage calls, text messages, and client interactions seamlessly. With features like call tracking, call recording, and SMS automation, GoHighLevel empowers users to engage with leads and customers efficiently while maintaining detailed records for analysis and optimization.

Purchasing a Phone Number or Transferring a Phone Number to GoHighLevel

1. Phone Numbers

All the phone numbers are charged monthly based on the number types. Below is the list of pricing for different number types available in the US/Canada:

  1. Local Numbers: $1.15 / month
  2. Toll-Free Numbers:  $2.15 / month

For all the other countries, the pricing will also be based on Twilio’s pricing.

Unveiling Call Pricing

GoHighLevel adopts a straightforward approach to call pricing, charging users based on usage. Typically, the cost per minute varies depending on factors such as the destination of the call and the type of number dialed. Domestic calls within the user’s country may incur lower charges compared to international calls, which often command higher rates. Moreover, calls to toll-free numbers or premium lines might involve additional fees, reflecting the diverse nature of telecommunications tariffs.

The Voice calls pricing is based on the duration of the call in minutes, the pricing for the US/Canada is as follows:

  • Outbound Call: $0.0140 / minute (From local and toll-free numbers)
  • Inbound Call: $0.0085 / minute (To local numbers, $0.0220 to toll-free numbers)

The voice calls to Alaska and Yukon Territory will not be charged based on the above prices. For all the other countries, the pricing will also be based on Twilio’s pricing.

Note: The outbound calls have 2 legs so the actual cost of an outbound call will be $0.0170(Outbound call + Client Minutes)

Deciphering SMS and MMS Costs

Similarly, SMS services on GoHighLevel follow a consumption-based pricing model. Users are charged based on the volume of text messages sent, with rates varying according to factors like the recipient’s location and the type of message (e.g., standard SMS, multimedia messages). While domestic SMS typically incur lower costs, international messaging may entail higher charges due to cross-border telecommunications fees and regulations.

Messaging Service – SMS

The SMS pricing is based on the number of segments a message is compromised of, the pricing in US/Canada is as follows:

  • Outbound SMS: $0.0079 / segment
  • Inbound SMS: $0.0079 / segment

This pricing is both for the local and toll-free numbers. For all the other countries, the pricing will also be based on Twilio’s pricing.

Messaging Service – MMS

The MMS pricing is based on the number of segments a message comprising of, the pricing for US/Canada  is as follows: 

  • Outbound SMS: $ 0.0200 / segment (From local and toll-free numbers)
  • Inbound SMS: $ 0.0100 / segment (To local numbers, $0.0200 to toll-free numbers)

For all the other countries, the pricing will also be based on Twilio’s pricing.List of all the other country pricing are attached at the bottom of the page.

Additional Considerations and Fees

Beyond the base rates for calls and SMS, businesses should factor in additional considerations that may influence overall expenses. These include:

  • Subscription Plans: GoHighLevel offers various subscription tiers, each with distinct features and allowances for phone services. Businesses should select a plan that aligns with their communication needs and budgetary constraints.
  • Usage Patterns: Understanding usage patterns and forecasting communication requirements can help businesses optimize their expenditure on phone services. Analyzing call volumes, peak times, and message frequency enables users to tailor their usage and minimize unnecessary costs.
  • Integration Costs: While GoHighLevel provides comprehensive phone services, integrating third-party applications or advanced functionalities may incur additional expenses. Businesses should assess the compatibility of external tools and evaluate the cost-benefit ratio of integration.

Below are some additional categories that are also charged at the same price as Twilio:

  • Client Minutes for Calling
  • Call Recording
  • Answering Machine Detection
  • Voicemail drops
  • Conference Calls

Transparency and Cost Management

Transparency plays a pivotal role in fostering trust and facilitating cost management within the GoHighLevel ecosystem. The platform provides users with detailed billing statements and usage reports, enabling them to monitor expenditure, track resource utilization, and identify areas for optimization. Moreover, proactive communication from GoHighLevel regarding pricing updates and policy changes empowers businesses to adapt their strategies accordingly and mitigate unexpected costs.

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