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Use our Google Maps Ranking Checker below, a free tool to monitor your keywords, SEO and local ranking. Google Maps Ranking Checker, Tracker, GMB Audit & More.

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Google Maps Ranking Checker, Tracker, GMB Audit & More

Comission an In-Depth SEO Ranking Report for your business.

Our team understands every single factor that influences your local rankings, and are ready to help you dominate Google’s top organic and Maps listings. When you comission the in-depth SEO Ranking Report, we will create a video and 25+ pages PDF document with actionable steps that will help you identify what’s affecting your rankings on Google, what your competitors are doing to rank above you, and what you need to do to fix it.

What’s included in the Report?

25+ pages In-Depth SEO Report

When you comission the in-depth SEO Report (especifically for your business, nothing general or vague), our team will give you an extensive PDF document that contains:

  • What’s affecting your rankings on Google Maps and search results + Actionable steps to fix it.
  • Analysis of the best keywords you are missing for your market.
  • Competitor Analysis. What are your competitors doing to rank higher than you and get more calls.
  • LSG (Local Search Grid) that shows you where you rank anywhere on your city.
  • List of actionable steps that you can do on your own to improve your rankings and website.

Video Report

We will prepare a video report (especifically for your business, nothing general or vague).

  • Video explaining everything that we send you on the PDF document. The video will be packed with important insight about how to improve your online presence.

$300 Value


$75 when ordered together with your Appointment Request

Google Maps Ranking Checker: Top Ranking Factors

Google Maps ranking factors determine the visibility and prominence of businesses within Google Maps search results. These factors are crucial for local businesses aiming to improve their online presence and attract more customers.

While Google’s algorithm is complex and constantly evolving, several key ranking factors significantly influence a business’s placement in Google Maps results. The following guide from Semrush covers some of the main ranking factors and how to improve your Google Maps local rankings.

Here are some of the top ranking factors for Google Maps:

  1. Google My Business (GMB) Profile Optimization:
    • Complete and accurate information: Ensure that your GMB profile includes up-to-date information such as business name, address, phone number, website URL, categories, and business hours.
    • Verify your listing: Verify your business with Google to establish authenticity and credibility, which can positively impact your ranking.
    • Add high-quality photos: Upload high-resolution photos of your business, products, services, and interior/exterior to enhance your profile’s visual appeal and engagement.
  2. Relevance:
    • Relevance to search queries: Google prioritizes businesses that closely match the user’s search intent and keywords. Ensure that your business information, including categories and descriptions, accurately reflects what your business offers.
    • Geo-location relevance: Google considers the proximity of the business to the user’s location when determining relevance. Businesses located closer to the user’s search location may receive higher visibility in local search results.
  3. Distance:
    • Proximity to the user’s location: The distance between the user’s location and the business’s physical location influences its ranking in Google Maps results. Businesses located nearer to the user are more likely to appear prominently in local search results.
  4. Prominence:
    • Reviews and ratings: The quantity, recency, and overall sentiment of reviews on your GMB profile impact your business’s prominence in Google Maps results. Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews and respond promptly and professionally to all reviews, whether positive or negative.
    • Citations and backlinks: Citations are one of the top ranking factors for local seo. The number of citations (mentions of your business name, address, and phone number) across the web, as well as the quality and authority of backlinks to your website, can contribute to your business’s prominence.
    • Brand mentions: Google considers brand mentions and online references to your business when determining its prominence. Consistent branding across online platforms can help improve your business’s visibility and recognition.
  5. User Engagement:
    • Click-through rate (CTR): The percentage of users who click on your business listing relative to the number of times it’s displayed can influence your ranking. Optimizing your listing’s title, description, and photos to attract clicks can improve your CTR.
    • User interactions: Positive user interactions, such as calls, website visits, direction requests, and photo views generated from your GMB profile, signal relevance and engagement to Google.
  6. Website Optimization:
    • Mobile-friendliness: Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and provides a seamless user experience on mobile devices, as many users access Google Maps on smartphones.
    • Relevant content: Create informative and relevant content on your website that aligns with your business offerings and target keywords. Optimize meta titles, descriptions, and headings with local keywords to improve visibility in local search results.

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  • Inmigration
  • Automotive
  • Ultrasounds
  • Junk Hauling
  • Party Rental
  • Landscaping
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